Zweigelt Organic Red Wine - tested for histamine content

Organic wine, especially made for people with fructose-intolerance or histamine-intolerance: Due to specially chosen grapes and careful handling residual sugars are minimized and histamine is eliminated.
Typical Zweigelt, matured in a wood barrel, ideally, ideally accomanying red and white meat, vegetarian dishes and a barbecue.
Also ideal for mulled wine, please find our recipe here. We recommend our Hot wine punch kit with all the ingredients that are necessary to make your own tasty mulled wine.
Serving temperature: 16°C
12% vol. alcohol, 4,9‰ acidity
  • Dry, uncomplicated red wine
  • 100% organic
  • Fructose less than 0,3g/l, no sorbitol
  • free from histamine, max 0.1mg/l
  • vegan
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